May 21, 2024

Instant Messaging: The Pros and Cons for Business


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The traditional modes of communication for business are email and phone calls. While they can effectively deliver messages, they might not be effective in particular situations. Instant messaging for business has been popular for years, and it continues to be the most preferred communication platform.

Many establishments use instant messaging platforms due to the convenience it offers. It’s quick, easy to use, and accessible to every employee. But despite the plethora of benefits, instant messages also come with pitfalls affecting their performance. Every boon has its bane, and we compiled the advantages and disadvantages of instant messaging for business. 

The Pros of Business Instant Messaging

  • Real-time Communication – Emphasizing the word “instant” in instant messaging, IM delivers real-time messages without delay. This platform is twice as fast as emails, and they also notify the receiver so they can notice.
  • Keep Records – You can’t record a conversation in a phone call unless you usethird-party software, so if you don’t catch something, you’ll need to talk to the person again. Meanwhile, instant messaging keeps a record of all conversations per person, allowing you to access any information you might have missed.
  • Accessibility–We are confident every employee in your company owns a phone. As long as you and your team have a functioning phone, you can quickly use instant messaging by opening the application and chatting away.

The Cons of Business Instant Messaging

  • Distractions – The accessibility of instant messaging is both good and bad. While it is great a user can easily talk to someone, your employee might get distracted and start using IM to talk with peers during work hours. This distraction may affect productivity, and you should consider supervising them often.
  • Poor Security–Instant messaging uses public networks, which may be prone to interception and snooping. IM is significantly more unsafe than other platforms, so you should consider using security solutions to keep messages safe.

Protect your Instant Messages with an Archiving Solution

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