June 22, 2024

How Neon Signs Help You Stand Out, and Attract Customers?


Outdoor marketing is always the most powerful marketing and brand representation tool. With the rapid development of technologies, the advertising industry is going through a generational shift. A lots of differences we can be observed in way of outdoor marketing, from the plain printed posters and hoardings, LED panels and cut-outs, now we are moving to the next big thing in the outdoor advertising domain, which essentially is, Neon Signages. Brands or businesses are today using the concept of neon signages extensively, in new and interesting ways, and in fact gaining widely from this shift. To be able to fully understand and appreciate the applications of Neon signs, let’s first understand what these signs are, and how they work.

What are the Neon Signs?

Neon Signs are basically long gas discharge tubes, filled with neon or other gases, and shaped to form a certain word or symbol. These signs run on electricity but are unlike any other kind of electric signals. In fact, these are the brightest and most attractive of them all. The discharge tubes used in the making of Neon lights can be bent and shaped beautifully, to form letters, symbols, and logos. In fact, Neon signages can be used to emit different colors and different contrasts. These features have to lead to the widespread use of Neon signages, particularly in the advertising industry.

Uses of Neon Signage

Neon Signs have been in use since a long time ago, but have become increasingly popular in recent times. Historically, neon signs have been used primarily to emboss the name of a shop, company or organization, to catch the attention of the passersby. Their major use was limited to these objects only, and one could seldom see a neon sign here or there. However, the use of Neon signs has drastically changed today. Today, the very concept of neon signs is being used in many new and innovative ways, along with the traditional ones.

  • Big showrooms are today installing neon signs within their premises to enmark the various product sections.
  • Neon signages are also being used in malls, hospitals, hotels, office spaces, and big buildings to show directions.
  • Neon signages are also taking precedence in outdoor advertising in malls, shopping centers, airports, and other public places.
  • Today even event management companies are making wide use of Neon signs to create beautifully lit displays and murels.
  • The use of neon lights on displays outside shops and outlets in markets has only gone up, replacing the traditional signages.

How Neon Signs help you stand out?

Neon Signs are one of the very few options when it comes to backlit displays. The days of the old plain hoardings with a floodlight throwing on them are already over. Today, the cities and their spaces are bright and shiny, and any outdoor advert has to outdo the light of the already bright surroundings, to be noticed. Neon Signs are perfect in such a scenario. These signs are extraordinarily bright, look different, and attract attraction straightaway. Further, these signages are eco-friendly and energy efficient. From the owner’s point of view also, neon signs are economical, have a long life and are low maintenance. Therefore, with neon signages, you attract the complete attention of your targeted audiences, uninterrupted, and at less cost. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Neon Signs from the house of A1Designs

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A1Designs offers a wide variety of different qualities, sizes, and colors of neon signages for you to choose from. In fact, we also offer custom design services to adhere to the needs of your brand or business.

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