June 22, 2024

That we live in a technological society is something we know very well. Technology is an omnipresent element in people’s lives, and the little ones have grown up surrounded by electronic devices. Phones, tablets, game consoles, all these devices are part of our day-to-day life, and we cannot ignore them.

Factors to Consider

We want to help you solve the basic doubts that may arise – or even the details in which you had not fallen – so that you can choose a model of laptop for students.

Laptop or desktop?

This is one of the first doubts that must be resolved before choosing the ideal model for students. We consider that laptops have some advantages over desktop computers: they are easy to transport – ideal for group work or to study away from home -, they take up less space, and have the same options as a desktop.


Another element to take into account before purchasing a laptop is the life span that it may have. If it is a computer for children, we must bear in mind that it may fall or suffer an accident. For this reason, one of the requirements that must be demanded when buying it is that they are resistant enough to withstand coexistence with the little ones.


It is not the same to buy computers for children than laptops for teenagers. Depending on the age, the minimum PC requirements will vary, and the budget will have to be invested in one model or another.

In the case of wanting laptops for primary or secondary school, a more economical model and basic functions will suffice


This factor is one of those that are mainly taken into account when buying laptops for school. There are models with very varied prices: you can buy a laptop that varies from 400 euros to over 1000 dollars.

Different factors will influence the price of the laptop: the brand, the technical specifications, the added programs, the operating system, the memory, etc. However, if the main use that is going to be given is school, it is unnecessary to make a high investment to find a good model with a lasting plug (ปลั๊ก พ่วง which is the term in Thai).

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