June 22, 2024

Since marijuana became in the state of California, interest in all types of cannabis products has grown. Cannabis products are available from a variety of sources, but it is important to note that not all of these products offer the same level of quality. If you are looking for the healthiest, best quality cannabis products, products made with organic cannabis are the way to go. Below is an overview of organic cannabis, its benefits and the best ways to enjoy organic cannabis products legally in the state of California.

What Is Organic Cannabis?

To qualify as organic, cannabis must be grown in a specific type of environment. Organic cannabis is grown in natural soil without any chemicals designed to accelerate growth or enhance production. Organic cannabis must also be grown without the use of pesticides, which are harmful chemicals that affect the taste and safety of the product. Organically-grown cannabis depends only on natural soil, natural nutrients and the light from the sun. It is the most natural cannabis product available.

Why Is Organic Cannabis Better?

Organic cannabis is a better choice for many reasons. Some of the benefits of organic cannabis include:

  • No exposure to harmful chemicals – When you choose organic cannabis products, you won’t be consuming any pesticides or other harmful chemicals even in trace amounts.
  • More natural – Since it is grown with minimal human interference, organic cannabis is more natural, which is a priority for many cannabis users.
  • Better taste – Most people will tell you that products made from organic cannabis taste better than products made from cannabis that was grown using artificial methods.

Because of these benefits, many cannabis users will deliberately seek out products made from organic cannabis.

Organic Cannabis from Lowell Farms

Lowell Farms grows only organic cannabis and uses this organically-grown weed in all of its products. The company sells a variety of cannabis products, including prerolls, vape cartridges, farm fresh flower and other options. These products are available from more than 300 dispensaries, and they can be delivered depending on your location. Lowell Farms organic cannabis products have received rave reviews from consumers, making this brand one of the most popular in the entire state.

Enjoy Organic Cannabis at Lowell Cafe

Lowell Farms recently opened the first cannabis cafe and lounge in the United States: Lowell Cafe. Lowell Cafe, which serves a variety of organic cannabis products, is located in West Hollywood, making it an ideal venue for all fans who like to smoke organic cannabis or enjoy organic edibles. This establishment is designed to appeal to celebrities who enjoy organic weed, such as Halsey and Miley Cyrus, as well as everyday people. Even if you are just a tourist visiting the Los Angeles area, you can experience legal cannabis in a safe, fun environment at Lowell Cafe.

Lowell Cafe offers an expansive menu of organic cannabis products, including preroll packs, single prerolls, infused products, fresh flower products, vapes, concentrates, edibles and more. Patrons can also rent accessories from the cafe, such as vaporizers, pipes and bongs.

In addition to serving high-quality, natural marijuana products, Lowell Cafe also offers a menu featuring food offerings developed by celebrated chef Andrea Drummer. Food offerings include salads, sandwiches, snacks and sweets. Coffee, tea and juice are available from the establishment as well. Lowell Cafe is open daily and currently accepting reservations up to 30 days in advance. Walk-ins are also welcome at Lowell Cafe whenever space allows.

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