July 13, 2024

Which Functions to See When Choosing a Laptop


Everyone knows that the laptops of HONOR in recent years are of wide recognition. This is because of their high cost performance. The modeling design of MagicBook 15 combines the drilling and cutting waveguide lines. This design is a technical innovation. It makes the laptop feels more modern. To make more people know about this HONOR MagicBook 15, let’s have a deep assessment.

In terms of outlook, this laptop looks chicer. What occupies your eyes after opening the bag is its “small blue edge”. The A side of the laptop uses drilling and cutting technology on its four sides. The four sides also adopt two-color anodizing treatment. This shows a brand-new upgraded blue edge design. Its LOGO is of the sky-like dark blue. The color makes the LOGO looks more beautiful. It is more in line with young people’s passion to be themselves and pursue fashion trends.

Its three-dimensional laminated structure can lift the shell. This makes the more and more ultra-thin. It is only 16.8 mm. The net weight is 1.53 KG. Thus, it is light and soft to hold on the hand. It is especially suitable for application at work or on business trips.

It comes with AMD Ryzen 53500U CPU. At same time, it has a discrete graphics card with excellent performance. Thus, this laptop can ensure the smooth operation. The DDR4 memory dual-channel design makes its feature more powerful to a certain extent. This kind of memory dual-channel design improves the operation response speed by a lot. There might be users who often use large and medium-sized office software. For them, such design makes it not easy to meet stuck screens. It is more efficient in solving daily affairs under actual operation conditions.

This CPU has a better energy consumption ratio. This can help laptops get longer endurance. After playing TV plays for 9 hours in a boring ride, there will be plenty of electricity. Its endurance is powerful.

The multi-screen collaboration function makes this laptop more convenient. It is a new function from HONOR. You can realize the transmission of documents and photos via a light touch. Moreover, the actual operation of the laptop-controlled mobile phone interface is easy.

This laptop is different from other laptops. It adopts a large number of personal office core concepts. For example, the design of its built-in monitoring camera, fingerprint identification, lock screen key… These functions are considerate. It can protect people’s privacy. At the same time, we can save more time and effort in using the laptops.

You would feel this laptop is valuable after using it. You can buy MagicBook 15 in UK. The market price is £ 669.99. It is lucky to be able to buy such a laptop at this price. For many people, it is more than an office tool. It is more flexible and convenient for the normal work. Want to disassemble and replace your laptop or to buy a new one with high cost performance? Choose it!

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