July 19, 2024

Top Directors of Telugu Cinema: Koratala Siva


Koratala Siva started out his career working as a software engineer before switching interest to Telugu cinema. Siva started dabbling in the film industry by working as a screenwriting assistant under his uncle Posani Krishna Murali. Subsequently, he took on posts such as dialogue writer for other films before delving further into directing his own.

Over the years, Koratala Silva has produced a number of movies and has been awarded numerous times for their success. Among many others, the movies Mirchi (2013), Srimanthudu (2015), and Bharat AneNenu (2018) were the movies that skyrocketed his career and constantly kept him the list of best directors for Telugu-language movies.

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Mirchi (2013)

Mirchi is an action drama film that depicts the main character’s journey of bringing cultural reform to a community and his subtle revenge. The protagonist, Jai, stumbles upon a girl named Manasa whom he helped save from some street thugs and in return, was loved by her. She brought Jai back to her family who accept violence as a norm of life as well as using it as a means of communication, to which Jai strives to change this. We learn of Jai’s past and how it surprisingly correlates to Manasa’s family and how violence was initially accepted as a way of living within the community. By the end, we get to know whether Jai, having opened up his past, would be able to change the community’s violent ways and whether his relationship with Manasa stays intact.

Srimanthudu (2015)

Srimanthudu tells the story of HarshaVardhan, the son of a wealthy businessman who out of love for a girl, Charuseela, decided to adopt a whole village in order to develop it. Later in the movie, we see Harsha unraveling his father’s past which intersects with the village he had adopted, further strengthening his desire to see the place developed to the fullest. With his intellect and passion, Harsha tackles all the challenges posed by the central minister VenkataRatnam and his brother Sashi. Several projects were ruined and Harsha even faces threats to his safety when both Ratnam and Sashi sought after extreme methods to take him down. Harsha ultimately has to decide whether staying to fight a losing battle would be worth it in the end or going back to the city and giving up his dreams for the village altogether.

Bharat AneNenu (2018)

Released in 2018, this political action movie highlights the mismanagement of politicians in India and how one man strives to correct it. Bharat Ram is an overseas graduate who went back to India after finding out about his father’s death before being forced to succeed in his father’s position as a politician and party leader. Through his guidance and leadership, Bharat managed to transform his community into a better place as well as streamlining his administration members to be better. This irks many of his competitions and various slanders were throw to Bharat for his ways as well as his secret romance with a girl named Vasumathi, who works for his political party. Throughout the movie, we see Bharat facing these challenges head-on and even when several obstacles seemed impossible to beat, Bharat still preserved for his father’s legacy.

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