Online dating everything you need to know about catfishing


The use of social networks has now become part of our daily life. Statistics state that one in two has an active profile on a social media like

But more surprising is that one in three Italians claims to have met their partner online .

The time we spend on average every day on social networks is about an hour and a half : we chat, share photos and images, comment on our friends’ posts. And we look for our next partner .

More and more singles are looking for their partner on the net

In recent years, among the many activities carried out online, the phenomenon of online research for a new partner has grown more and more . The online meetings are an increasingly common practice among the very young and not.

A good dating site often offers the opportunity to meet new people, personalizing the search also on the basis of age or key interests, with continuous support from the platform .

Why has this new “form of courtship” become so attractive?

The reasons are varied.

Many say online dating is a tantalizing and often intriguing practice .

Others, on the other hand, say that looking for your partner online is easier than the classic forms of courtship.

Often, according to them, many choose this tool for lack of time due to work and various commitments.

Still others find online dating a good solution to their shyness that allows them to find themselves in a situation that makes them more comfortable.

do you know what we are talking about?

You must know that when you are online you must always keep your eyes wide open.

Relationships that arise on the Internet can hide some pitfalls .

When dealing with online dating there is a risk of being duped. This is because you never know who is on the other side of the screen, especially when it comes to unknown platforms or typical social networks not as femmesentrefemmes.

The most rampant phenomenon in the field of online dating is the so-called catfishing .

This behavior consists in introducing yourself to another person with a fictitious identity, with the aim of establishing a relationship of trust and then deceiving them.

The reasons for the birth of this dangerous phenomenon

The reasons behind such behavior can be different. Among the most accredited reasons there may be a personal revenge. For example an ex who decides to take revenge for the fact that you have cheated on him or because you have decided to end the relationship.

Others, on the other hand, operate in this way either for personal pleasure, or perhaps for their own psychological perversion, yet without realizing that they are acting against the law .

Yes, some catfisher have ended up on trial for committing various crimes: from identity theft , to fraud , up to extortion with blackmail.

Often those who do catfishing can have a criminal-looking purpose such as monetary extortion. In practice, after having formed a virtual friendship and having developed a certain relationship of trust, we move on to the request to send hard photos and videos. This compromising material is collected by the extortionist and then blackmails the victim and extorted money with the threat of spreading it on the web, also known as revenge porn . To avoid this, the victim often decides to pay the asking price.

The price to pay can be very steep.


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