June 14, 2024

Need emergency cash then don’t go to the bank:


saving emergency

In an emergency, every second is important. And, when the person requires money in such a situation. Then, it becomes very important to get the money in less time. And, if someone gets short of cash. In that case, they can’t go to the bank. Because the bank takes a lot of time to process the loan amount. And, in many cases, the loan amount gets rejected. Also, their process is very lengthy. That can’t be completed by many people. Even after doing all the things no one can say that they will get the loan from the bank.

But on the other hand, if someone goes to a pledging company. Then, it is for sure that the person will get the money. And, that is 100% of their loan amount. The process is very simple and doesn’t require a lot of paper works to get the loan amount. And, the process takes very little time. So, the person can expect the loan amount in a short period.

Get cash for saloon

Many things can be pledged. There isn’t like a person can only pledge their car. If someone has a saloon then the person can also do a Saloon pledge [รับจำนำรถเก๋ง, which is the term in Thai]. The pledging company will first come to visit the saloon. After seeing the property, they will start processing the loan amount. Don’t worry about anything the person will get the money. The interest amount is very less. So, people don’t need to think about interest money anymore. It is very less like 1.25% per month. Lesser the interest amount is always good for people.

Go with trusted companies

It happens with people that at first, the pledging company says the interest amount is 1.25% per month. But when the person goes to get their saloon or car. The company says no the interest amount is 5% per month. So, don’t go to such companies.

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