July 19, 2024

Making the Best Come Up with the Lawyers of The best Quality


Building the scenario and arguing with evidence and in a logical way will help in understanding the message. What we mean by this? It is that preparation is fundamental. A “presentation” of ideas aims only at “presenting” what has been prepared previously. If you didn’t understand the best arguments, if you didn’t select them and see how they would impact, you didn’t plan and, consequently, you have nothing to present. Prepare the content and define the best arguments for that situation.

The Right Information

In possession of the information about the case (which we commented above) define what is relevant to be commented within your thesis. A very good way to organize the arguments is for you to define the “weight” of each one of them and then distribute as follows: if the arguments are very strong, place each one in a very prominent way, valuing each element and each word, giving a speech about each of them for as long as you have available.


  • If the arguments are weak, put them all at once, giving the impression that they are too many to give the impression that they have a lot of weight and should be considered. Another possibility is that you have arguments with different weights and, in this case, there is a very common mistake: the Merriam Municipal Lawyer starts in ascending order to build his thought and conclude with the grand finale. Do not do it.


  • Judges may lose their attention because they do not consider their first arguments relevant and may not follow the speech to the end. If you have different weights in the arguments there is a formula that will keep the audience attentive: you can even leave the best argument to the end and continue in an increasing order of relevance, but you must have the second best at the beginning of the speech.

The Other Factor

Another factor that impacts the argument a lot is to balance the logical / rational arguments well with the emotional ones. Citing the doctrine and the basis of its arguments is essential, but building examples and demonstrating similar situations reinforces its content. Remember that, many times, those who judge know the doctrine well and, therefore, it may seem that you want to “teach” the magistrate the law. In addition to facts and data, you should bring examples and comparisons. This strategy will assist in understanding the discourse more effectively.

We have talked so far about information and how to prepare the argument, because a speech that despises content and only considers form is an empty and fallacious speech. But dispensing form completely is also a mistake because it makes good content boring and without force. The great secret of public speaking for lawyers are to balance content (good arguments and reasoning) with form (body, facial and voice expressions).


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