Love and jealousy, a very special combination.


In any self-respecting couple, at least once, one of the two partners will have behaved in a somewhat strange way, almost annoyed by a choice you have made . At first it may have seemed irrational, but that “yes” you just gave your friend for a coffee was the spark that sparked jealousy in your partner.This is a feeling that unites us, but which sometimes manifests itself in a more colorful way in certain people.

Jealousy: the fear of being alone

Well yes, this is a real feeling.The jealousy is defined as a kind of fear related to a situation of supposed danger.But what danger are we talking about?Being able to lose your partner, your sweetheart, is a task that can lead to a difficult situation for the couple over time.It will surely have happened to you that you have also been jealous for someone close to you.Jealousy can manifest itself in different contexts and can involve different people in your life, a friend , a friend , a family member and obviously your partner .This feeling very often manifests itself even when you least expect it.This is actually a simple natural self-defense mechanism of the relationships we have established.However, at times, it can manifest itself in more extreme forms.What is the origin of jealousy in can have different origins such as:

  • A past love disappointment
  • A personal insecurity
  • A lack of confidence in your partner
  • A sixth sense that alarms us (which often works best)

The first step in understanding whether the jealousy we feel towards our partner is based on something or not, we must ask ourselves why we are really jealous of some behavior of our partner.This will help you to control and deal with that feeling in the right way, without risking to undermine the relationship in with your partner.

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