How can you protect yourself from catfishing when dating online ?


Today it is really easy to create a false identity. Just download a photo from some profile present among your social contacts, create an imaginary second life, not to mention that there are even software that disguise the voice, creating a totally new identity.

In 2019 the tools we have available are so many, for this reason it is good to always take the right precautions .

Before delving into the world of online dating like parabuscarpareja we want to give you some practical tips that will allow you not to stumble into unpleasant mistakes .

When you are on social networks, pay close attention to whoever tries to establish a relationship with you.

If the person you’re chatting with is persistent and makes strange requests, start paying more attention. Don’t give too much private information about yourself right away .

Try to also try to establish an oral communication relationship , propose a call, or even better a video call once you have created the right confidence.

If our interlocutor does not accept your proposal and always finds an excuse to postpone you must start to get suspicious .

Also, if you think fit, you can do some research on the net to collect as much useful information about your interlocutor. Today, as never before, social networks represent our business card, for this reason you will find a lot of useful information there.

Try to check if the information he tells you matches what you have found on the net. You can choose to ask targeted questions to understand if he is lying or if he is telling the truth, of course you will need to know what the right answer is.

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