June 22, 2024

High Score: Top 5 Games for Cannabis Lovers


Looking for ways to enjoy the most out of your cannabis session? Gather up your favorite gals and be ready to spend the night in an elevated hilarity with these top 5 games for cannabis enthusiasts.

Whether you’re in the mood for some hysterical revelations or over-the-top performances, the rule is simple: the higher, the better. Spice up your typical smoking session with friends and be ready to experience the extraordinary with these best weed games to try on.

Here they are:

  1. Never Have I Ever

Who says this classic game is only for drinking parties? With a little help from the green plant, you can even double the fun! Following the same rule, a person is to say a thing or event he or she hasn’t done or experienced yet. Anyone who has done or experienced the actions take a toke. Not only will this game reveal a bunch of hilarious and shocking secrets but will also leave the gang in ultimate cloud nine.

  1. Pass the Grass

What better way to enjoy your cannabis sesh other than playing the world’s first weed smoking board game? Pass the Grass is unlike your typical snake and ladder. With

1 game board, 2 dice, 6 game tokens, 2 decks of cards, and a rule book, you and your gals are sure to experience a blend of fun, hilarity, and ‘highness’. By rolling both dice and joints, players are made to complete hilarious challenges as they make their way towards the grand line … with of course, taking turns to smoke.

  1. 420: The Card Game

Not a fan of board games? Then, feel free to skip them and enjoy this unique card game instead. The gameplay is simple. On your turn, pull a card and perform/answer what the card demands. If you refuse, you lose a point and the other player gains one. For every point gained or lost, a hit must be smoked. The game is over when someone reaches 10 points. Whether you lose or not, this card game is sure to leave you and your pals cackling amid the grey mists.

  1. Strip Choker

On the mood for some wild, green games? Then, strip choker might just be the perfect activity to try on. Following the drink or strip game, all players are expected to take a hit at the same time and hold it in. The first person to let their smoke out takes off a piece of his or her clothing.

Are you ready to experience cannabis with extra fun, hilarity, and wildness? With these top 4 cannabis games, you and your friends are sure to enjoy an unforgettable fun activity that will leave everyone with a high score.

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